The Chronicles of From The Front

Let us introduce: Nishant Kothary


Nishant is a designer, writer, community manager, events organiser, change agent, and all-around renaissance person.

We are thrilled by the perspective he will give to the concept of being on a mission from the web given his polyhedric background and his ability on stage.

He's been an Amazon program manager and a Microsoft evangelist and strategist for several years and recently he started his own startup Minky. His favourite web work includes 10K Apart, Lost World’s Fairs, The New, MIX Online, A Website Named Desire, and Build.

He’s been featured in Smashing Magazine, UXMag, and MIX Online and he writes a monthly column on A List Apart titled The Human Web. Much like his talks, the column focuses on how human behavior affects the process of designing software.

Follow him on twitter @rainypixels

Let us introduce: Aaron Gustafson



Aaron has been building websites for nearly two decades and, in that time, has cultivated a love of web standards and an in-depth knowledge of website strategy, architecture, and interface design, picking up several programming languages along the way.

He served as Technical Editor for A List Apart, is a contributing writer for .net Magazine, and has filled a small library with his technical writing and editing credits, the latest of which is Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement, a book that "not only provides the clearest, most beautiful explanation of progressive enhancement I've ever read, it's also packed full of practical know-how pumped directly into your neocortex through Aaron's warm and friendly writing style. If you aren't already using progressive enhancement to build websites, you soon will be." --Jeremy Keith, Author, HTML5 for Web Designers

Follow him on twitter @aarongustafson

Let us introduce: Sebastian Golasch


Sebastian Golasch works as a Senior Web Developer at the Cologne based agency denkwerk.

After some time developing backend applications with Java, PHP and Ruby he became a citizen of the JavaScript world.

For the last two and a half years Sebastian has been working on the development of cross platform JavaScript applications in the front and backend area. In his spare time, he likes to contribute to open source software and advocates for a better understanding of JavaScript as the lingua franca of the Web.

He recently released DalekJS, a UI testing tool.

From "have you ever heard the joke about the 6 javascript devs trying to change Java code, written by two "non programmers", no?, good, because it isn't funny at all […] So my dear reader, here we are now, introducing a new testing tool for your Webpages, one that hopefully makes you love testing"

Follow him on twitter @asciidisco

Let us introduce: Paul Annett


Paul Annett recently announced his new job at Twitter.

Before that he was the Creative Lead for the UK Government Digital Service (GDS) at the Cabinet Office, working on, revolutionizing the way people interact with public services online, and previously he was Senior Designer at Clearleft in Brighton.

His experience in designing for massive audiences as well as the 10 designs principles, he helped defining during his experience at the GDS, are by themselves a guarantee of the inspiration you could get from him.

Moreover, even though he might be unaware of that, those design principles have major responsabilities leading us defining of Frontend Brothers' theme: "On a mission from the web".

We are definitely thrilled to see how he is going to blow our minds this time.

Follow him on twitter @paulannett

Let us introduce: Bruce Lawson


picture by Patrick H. Lauke

Bruce Lawson is… well Bruce Lawson is Bruce Lawson.

He evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera, co-authored "Introducing HTML5" and has been active in Web Standards since 2002, working with the Web Standards Project, the British Standards Institution's guidance on commissioning accessible web sites and the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group.

He's a 40-something punk rocker, with a first class degree in English literature, a career in education and, even though he now settled in Birmingham with his family, he has several years living in Turkey, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Russia behind him.

He says about himself:

"I believe that nothing is sacred and nothing is too serious that it can’t be laughed at"

"I drink Guinness. It’s got lots of calories. For years I was skinny, now I’m a bit porky"

"I used to read Tarot cards. The Elemental Tarot was my deck of choice. I don’t believe in astrology, but you can categorise my personality as a 100% typical Scorpio"

If this is not enough, please, google his images, but watch out: there might be things you cannot unsee!

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We had a band powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline.


…but sometimes things pull in a different direction.

Relly Annet-Baker had an unexpected impediment and she is not going to be part of the Frontend Brother's Band.

When we received her email we were quite sad: Relly is amazing on stage and we were looking forward for the energy and the content she could have delivered.

And we definitely hope there will be another opportunity to have her in Italy.

Then we had to move: you just can't go on stage without a complete band, I mean, would it work a band without a guitar player or a drummer if they were supposed to be there?

Where to find a tremendous speaker that would have been a perfect match with the conference theme?

Only one name stood out in our minds.

Let us introduce: Bruce Lawson

Let us introduce: Marta Armada


Marta is a web designer working and living in Barcelona, Spain. She's equally interested in CSS, typography, responsive design, UX or design theory: if it helps build a better web, she's in.

In 2009 she founded Swwweet with her husband, and they've been since building beautiful experiences for small businesses and startups.

She also teaches web design at Elisava School of Design and helps organize several local meetups and events, among which our very The Treasure of Frontend Island in 2012: you can tell we are proud to see her moving from the backstage to the stage, where, building on her experience developing custom made products, she will help us find our way to creating projects tailored for the final users.

Follow her on twitter @martuishere

Let us introduce: Rachel Nabors


Rachel Nabors is an American cartoonist, artist, and graphic novelist, best known for her serialized comic, Rachel the Great.

She was raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she learned goose wrangling and Photoshop. At the tender age of 14, she started making comics which helped her escape rural poverty and eventually lead to a career in web development.

Front end developer, CSS fanatic and serial tea abuser, she can be found, late at night, inking comics about github or drawing her own loading spinners.

Follow her on twitter @rachelnabors

Let us introduce: Seb Lee Delisle


picture by Stefan Nitzsche

Seb Lee Delisle is an artist.

And a coder.

If you look at his website and go through his projects you'll see some of the amazing things he did.

He is the exemplification of the "creative coder" concept.

He's comfortable in coding across a wide range of languages and platforms and he travels the world showing off particle systems, games and 3D effects in JavaScript. He is a fantastic speaker and you'd definitively expect a lively closing keynote, probably with a live coding experience, in which you'll bring home more than just technical stuff (which you'd do for sure) but a lot of inspiration.

Follow him on twitter @seb_ly