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Let us introduce: Sebastian Golasch


Sebastian Golasch works as a Senior Web Developer at the Cologne based agency denkwerk.

After some time developing backend applications with Java, PHP and Ruby he became a citizen of the JavaScript world.

For the last two and a half years Sebastian has been working on the development of cross platform JavaScript applications in the front and backend area. In his spare time, he likes to contribute to open source software and advocates for a better understanding of JavaScript as the lingua franca of the Web.

He recently released DalekJS, a UI testing tool.

From "have you ever heard the joke about the 6 javascript devs trying to change Java code, written by two "non programmers", no?, good, because it isn't funny at all […] So my dear reader, here we are now, introducing a new testing tool for your Webpages, one that hopefully makes you love testing"

Follow him on twitter @asciidisco

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