The Chronicles of From The Front

Let us introduce: Nishant Kothary


Nishant is a designer, writer, community manager, events organiser, change agent, and all-around renaissance person.

We are thrilled by the perspective he will give to the concept of being on a mission from the web given his polyhedric background and his ability on stage.

He's been an Amazon program manager and a Microsoft evangelist and strategist for several years and recently he started his own startup Minky. His favourite web work includes 10K Apart, Lost World’s Fairs, The New, MIX Online, A Website Named Desire, and Build.

He’s been featured in Smashing Magazine, UXMag, and MIX Online and he writes a monthly column on A List Apart titled The Human Web. Much like his talks, the column focuses on how human behavior affects the process of designing software.

Follow him on twitter @rainypixels

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