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Let us introduce: Bruce Lawson


picture by Patrick H. Lauke

Bruce Lawson is… well Bruce Lawson is Bruce Lawson.

He evangelises Open Web Standards for Opera, co-authored "Introducing HTML5" and has been active in Web Standards since 2002, working with the Web Standards Project, the British Standards Institution's guidance on commissioning accessible web sites and the W3C Mobile Best Practices Working Group.

He's a 40-something punk rocker, with a first class degree in English literature, a career in education and, even though he now settled in Birmingham with his family, he has several years living in Turkey, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Russia behind him.

He says about himself:

"I believe that nothing is sacred and nothing is too serious that it can’t be laughed at"

"I drink Guinness. It’s got lots of calories. For years I was skinny, now I’m a bit porky"

"I used to read Tarot cards. The Elemental Tarot was my deck of choice. I don’t believe in astrology, but you can categorise my personality as a 100% typical Scorpio"

If this is not enough, please, google his images, but watch out: there might be things you cannot unsee!

Follow him on twitter @brucel

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