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We choose Jon Gold's talk to start releasing the videos from From the Front 2014 because some of the thoughts he shared on stage are somehow related on how we feel about the conference itself. There is no point in describing you the talk: just watch it and share with us the thoughts you have about it as we asked to do to some of the staff members.

"In the era of hipsters, makers and unicorns Jon starts an introspective journey trying to show us the intrinsic multidisciplinary nature of the design role. A nature we should be embracing not rejecting or consider weird. Contamination between roles will create better designers and better developers and it's the way forward for both the freelancer and the employee of a big organisation."

"From the Front always believed that through discipline contamination we'd be better persons and professionals. And we always tried to reflect it in the content we proposed. Jon's talk expresses in an amazing way the need to break boundaries and get influenced, exposes the limits of being defined by our job role or by the specificity of what we are currently doing. This is From the Front."

"2014 has been the year of some brilliant — to not say deadly funny — guys like Jon Gold @jongold, mentioning Modernism everything and Bauhaus as an example of multi-disciplinarity that has to flow in every developer that does our job. Oh, I’ve also learnt from him that when recruiters ask for full-stack web developers they are also looking for “unicorns” or “people who make internet”. Cheers Jon for all this gold (pun intended)!

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