The Chronicles of From The Front

Brand new order


Today we are announcing the save the date for 2015, but that's not the big thing.

The big thing is that we have a brand new staff, with 3 people joining and selling their soul, lives and first-borns to From The Front, but let me introduce them in their own words:

Matteo Lissandrini

During the day I'm a PhD student in Computer Science, searching new ways to mine useful knowledge out of large amounts of messy data. During the night (and the weekends) web development is what keeps me sane: fighting CSS quirks, finding Javascript bugs, or wrestling with server side code.
My dark little secret is that I believed XHTML 2 was actually a good idea.
I was so lucky to win the ticket to attend my first From The Front and it was love at first sight!

Fabio Venni

Born and raised in Florence, I’ve been abroad for around 11 years (first London, then Amsterdam, now Barcelona). I started playing with the web thing around 1995 and I loved it straightaway. Over the years I’ve been working in the fashion, publishing and travel industry; I love to solve complicated problems and manage complex ones with a mix of data and design. Hating Helvetica since 2002, white water canoeist, I love cooking and photography

Francesco Zaia

Born at a very young age, and proud son of a video games technician, I grew up with solder wire and resistors on my bedside table.
Despite my engineering degree, I realised quite soon that network management wasn't really my biggest aspiration, so I steered into web development. I traveled a lot around Italy for study and work, did a lot of good work at Yoox as Front End developer and then team manager. Happy expat in UK since 2013, currently working at Moonfruit as Senior Front End developer.
Fact: I’ve been the opening speaker for the very first From the Front edition; doesn't matter if it was just a large meetup at that time, and everyone was half-drunk. I bring good luck.

Give them a warm welcome get prepared to a new, amazing, From the Front adventure

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