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CSS preprocessors for the best of both worlds


Today is going to be about Gunnar Bittersmann, our favourite guitarist, and his talk: “CSS preprocessors for the best of both worlds”.

Viel spaß, have fun, buon divertimento

Css is a hard beast, especially when a project scales up. Making a webpage is easy; making a good system of UI elements, easy to maintain and understand can get you crazy in no time. In this talk, Gunnar tells about how to use pre-processors like Sass to establish a new way of architecting css. He shows how to avoid the presentational markup and in the same time having a layer of reusable elements, keeping HTML clean and readable. This is a very important lesson for every developer: sometimes keeping CSS code well organised is the only thing that stands between us and post apocalyptic chaos.
Matteo C.

The content was been well balanced: identifying the ogre as the presentational markup and giving us the right weapons to defeat it. OOCSS is a wise choice to keep your CSS tidy, Atom design leading your CSS to a better structured architecture and SASS to make everything reusable. Just taking the best bits out of these would hugely improve your CSS architecture quality and cleanliness.

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